Results at the speed of ideas

Business is changing

Digital transformation forces business leaders to rethink how their companies execute, with new business processes and information systems.

How do I find opportunities to capture and create value in the new digital world?

How do I identify what information is important to my customers and suppliers and develop approaches to capture, process, analyze, and share it?

How can I use new data-driven processes to increase my competitiveness?

What we do

At Koivu Solutions, our mission is to accelerate the 21st century corporation by rapidly delivering and implementing powerful digital capabilities to solve real business problems.

We deliver “results at the speed of ideas” through a powerful approach to prototyping, piloting, and deploying solutions based on the leading platform technologies, Google Cloud Platform Services (GCP), Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We bring business experience and world-class technology together to offer problem-solving solutions to our customers, including data-driven analytics, custom application development, and enterprise software products.

Solutions and Services

Koivu Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of Services to meet your needs.

These include GCP, Azure, and AWS consulting and application development, IoT and Big Data analytics solution development, and supply chain consulting including configuration and pricing. See more...

About us

We are a group of enterprise software industry veterans each with over 25 years of experience. Since the early 90's we have been developing and deploying custom enterprise software for world leading brand names. See more...

Contact us

Europe +358 40 544 4088

United States +1 (704) 231 6801