About Us


Listen closely and you will detect whispers of renewal and growth in the midst of the birch groves. Bright and beautiful, the birch is a pioneer, courageously taking root and starting anew to revive the landscape where no other would before.

Koivu, the silver birch, is a fitting name for a company that focuses on rapidly transforming enterprise processes through the incredible performance and scalability of the Koivu Value Flow Cloud


We are a group of enterprise software industry veterans that have worked with each other for over 25 years. Since the early 90's we have been developing and deploying custom enterprise software around the world for leading brand names with a focus on giving the end user a great customer experience.

Our core team is located in Finland, the tech innovation superpower of Europe, with satellite offices in the United States.

Contact us

Europe +358 40 544 4088

United States +1 (704) 231 6801