Solutions & Services

Google Cloud Platform Services

As one of Google's leading Nordic Partners, Koivu Solutions' Google Cloud Platform (GCP) experts offer advisory, custom application development, and implementation & support services to meet your order capture, pricing, and supply chain needs. Our consultants can guide you from strategy to development to data migration to training and support.

IoT and Big Data Analytics Services

Events are everywhere. When you open a door - an event is triggered. An order is taken, a part is placed into the inventory, the system performance is decreasing, the error rate is increasing. You want to know what is going on and you have a 'zillion' events to filter. How do you see the forest for the trees?

Our team has been on leading edge of the IoT megatrend for over three years through multiple customer projects. We have the knowledge and experience to take your data and create your IoT reality.

Dynamic Price Execution and Configuration Services

A handful of people in the world could be called price execution and product configuration software guru's. Koivu Solutions is home to some of the best with over 20 years' experience building custom price and promotion execution applications across various industries.

Our experts enable your company to explore new pricing strategies, improve results through price repositioning projects, and optimize day-to-day pricing activities.

They advise you on how to simplify the selling of complex products enabling new levels of flexibility, speed, and insight. You see the results of our engagements in increased profitability and revenue growth.

Supply Chain Services

In today's volatile and increasingly digital global business environment, companies need less of a traditional supply chain and more of a supply network. Technologies like IoT, Big Data analytics, social, and cloud create opportunities to seize new market share, reduce costs, and gain greater supply chain control. CEO’s are asking, “How do I find ways to disrupt the status quo and seize competitive advantage”.

Koivu Solutions combines global industry experience and skills in supply chain strategy and execution to help organizations transform their supply chain capabilities. We collaborate with clients to implement innovative solutions that align operating models to support business.